Protabond | Cold welding

Protabond Cold Welding Kits for Cathodic Protection cables are a safe, economical and easy to use method, compared to the current heat welding process available on the market.

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Protabond Cold Welding Instructive
Axess | Internal corrosion control

Corrosion monitoring

It is defined as the regular measurement of corrosivity as it affects a good. The affected assets can be anything from a pipeline, to a concrete bridge, a large HVAC system in a building, an offshore oil and gas installation and a printed circuit in a computer.
When parts of this "good" are inaccessible, simple methods such as visual inspection or manual measurements cannot be used. For this reason special techniques are used.
These techniques are especially useful in continuous processes where internal corrosion proceeds at a rapid rate, leading to catastrophic failure long before traditional inspection can detect it.

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Armor Plate | Repair and reinforcement of pipelines

The Armor Plate system is used for the reinforcement and repair of pipes in gas and oil pipelines, gas and / or oil plants, chemical plants, refineries, running water and small domestic service pipes.
Its application is manual, cold and in operation, and it can be applied on any pipe geometry (including curves, elbows, tees, etc.).

It is a composite material approved by the DOT, consisting of three elements:
- an epoxy putty that restores the loss of material from the pipe by filling holes and cavities.
- a special fiberglass.
- an epoxy resin that is used to embed fiberglass.

Repairs can be carried out on pipes without the need to depressurize, whatever the climate or environmental conditions, including off-shore or underwater repairs.

DOT Report
Work done in TOTAL Austral Aguada San Roque
Monolithic Joints | Cathodic Protection

Monolithic Joints at Radiatym's Factory | Poland
Monolithic joints can be used in:
- new and existing facilities.
- industrial pipeline networks and gas, hydrocarbon and water distribution stations.
- before or after gas reduction stations.
- oil and gas field facilities.
- deposits and transport networks for hydrocarbons and gas.
- buried and aerial installations.

Expansion joints | PROTAN

Benefits: Onshore Projects
Electrically separate long pipes in different cathodic protection systems.
Isolate a pipe and ensure that cathodic protection or electrical leaks do not increase corrosion.
Provide protection against telluric currents.
Benefits: Offshore Projects
In vertical pipes and offshore structures: isolate the cathodic protection system.

Certificate Inspection of Welding Process acc. to EN ISO 3834
Certificate System of Transferring the Marking of Materials
Certifikat NR 006 / 3 / 2018
Conformity of the Factory Production Control
Certificate of Approval of Quality Sistem NR 1 / 17
Welding Certificate
CAREX Hydrocarbon Absorbent

CAREX SP Hydrocarbon Absorbent | PROTAN
Polyurethane Anticorrosive Paints

Our paints are manufactured by UNITED COATINGS in the USA under a rigorous quality control system certified by ISO 9001 and have been tested by the ITI laboratories in Houston, Tx-USA and SEIT in Buenos Aires - Argentina, according to ASTM and DIN standards, demonstrating excellent adhesion and impermeability and very good performance against cathodic detachment, high resistance to impact and the presence of chemical agents.
They are 100% solid, without bitumen and dry in minutes, being able to obtain high thicknesses of up to 1,500 microns without blasting or sagging.

At PROTAN S.A. we carry out the application by spray (and also manually with a roller or brush) of the paint with our own GUSMER brand equipment and we provide the application procedures and the previous surface treatment.

The ELASTUFF 160 Polyurethane Paint is ideal for coating welded joints, sections of gas pipelines in operation, tanks, among others.

Elastuff 160
Insulating Joints for flanges

Taking into account the costs and the current environmental situation, it is essential to prevent leaks in your transportation system. The flange represents the most commonly problematic area, which needs to be properly sealed to prevent these leaks and must also be cathodically isolated to prevent current losses that cause excessive corrosion and eventual metal breakage.

- a central joing (phenolic laminate)
- two gaskets (NBR sheet with or without asbestos)
- insulating washers (phenolic or polyamide laminate)
- steel washers (SAE 1010)
- insulating tubes (phenolic - polyethylene or polyamide)

Manufactured according to ANSI B 16.5 Standard
Tests according to standards:
Water absorption: ASTM D 570
Dielectric strength: ASTM D 149 (Short Time)
Compressive strength: ASTM D 695

Central insulating joint: Thickness 3 mm - Dielectric strength 4000 V / mm - H2O absorption 1.3% - Compressive strength 2100 Kg / Cm2

Seal Gasket: NBR sheet with or without asbestos, without metal mesh. Type to be used according to pressure, temperature and fluid to be transported.

Insulating washers: Phenol formaldehyde with reinforcement fabric: Thickness 3 mm - Dielectric strength 4000 V / mm - H2O absorption 1.3% - Compressive strength 2100 Kg / Cm2. Polyamides (washers integrated with tube): Dielectric strength 15,000 V / mm - H2O absorption 1.5% - Compressive strength 2100 Kg / Cm2.

Insulating tubes: Phenol formaldehyde with reinforcing cloth: Thickness 1 mm - Dielectric strength 2500 V / mm - H2O absorption 1.3%. High density polyethylene (to be used with phenolic material washers): Thickness 1 mm - Dielectric strength 18,000 V / mm - H2O absorption 0.02%. Polyamides (tubes integrated with the washer): Thickness 1 mm - Dielectric strength 15,000 V / mm - H2O absorption 1.5%.

Steel washers: SAE 1010 material – Minimum thickness 3.17 mm.

Types of Insulating Games:
RF Raised Flange Gaskets: Single or Double Insulation - Type F
FF Gaskets For Flat Flanges: Single or Double Insulation - Type E
RJ Joints with Phenolic Ring Joint: Oval or octagonal. Double insulation - Type D

ASA: 150 - 300 – 400 – 600 – 900 – 1500 – 2500
Measurements: ½ "to 36" Diameter in Series 150 - 300 - 600 Lbs. ½ "to 24" Diameter in Series 400 - 900 - 1500 - 2500 Lbs.

Dinaelek Insulating Joints | PROTAN
Dinagra Insulating Joints | PROTAN
Dielectric Insulating Joints | PROTAN
Cables | Cathodic Protection

PROTAN - National Industry

Manufactured according to IRAM standards. Provided with corresponding quality certificates.

Types: KYNAR, HMW y TW.

Available measurements: from 2.5 to 120 mm section
Coke P-126 & P-126S

Special for deep and superficial dispersers of cathodic protection.

Our Coke P-126 and P-126S is Certified by the CIT (Center for Toxicological Research), category 6 of the World Health Organization (result: "relatively safe and without damage to the environment"). Protocol No. 114,268 of the Secretariat of Environmental Policy of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic.
Manufactured under rigorous standards and specifications.

Main features:

- Low electrical resistance.
- Excellent perfomance to be used with MMO anodes: platinum, graphite, iron, chromium, silicon, etc.
- Excellent pumping qualities when stirred in water.
- Ensures the best possible contact between the anode and the earth.

Packaging: in bags of 25 Kgs / Big Bag of 1150 Kgs

Cap designed for the anticorrosive protection of cuproaluminothermic welds.
Provides excellent corrosion protection. Its characteristics and remarkable behavior on all types of surfaces make it easy, reliable and safe to apply.
It is composed of an upper plastic sheet, formed by an igloo-shaped dome, and an entry channel for the cable. It has a corrosion inhibiting compound on the inside of the dome, soft enough to mold itself around the uneven surface to be protected, completely covering it safely.

Protan Polycrupo 1
Protan Polycrupo 2
Continuous Anodes | Matcor SPL

For pipes and tank bottoms.
Documentation and specifications


MATCOR’s high-quality, proprietary, flexible, linear SPL™-Anodes simplify the design of any cathodic protection system and can be used to protect a variety of structures, including tank bottoms, cables in ducts, pipelines, and structures in congested areas. The anodes are typically designed for a minimum of 30 years of trouble-free operation.

SPL™-Anodes have built-in electrical redundancy and are manufactured with multiple anode-to-internal header cable connections to protect against uneven anode consumption, which leads to premature failure. The linear design is an ideal cathodic protection system for existing, aging bare or poorly coated pipelines. The anode is placed parallel to and in close proximity with the pipeline to ensure an even distribution of current. This cost-effective approach eliminates over and under potential problems typically found with distributed anode systems in these applications.

MATCOR’s SPL™-Anodes are an excellent choice for protecting the bottom of above ground storage tanks (ASTs). Manufactured in assemblies of concentric circles with a lead wire at each end for tank bottoms, the SPL™-Anode rings can be used to protect the outermost bottoms of new tanks in contact with the soil, the internal bottoms of double bottom tanks, and the outermost bottoms of existing tanks.


Proprietary dual-feed multi-loop design
Protects against uneven anode consumption
Provides redundancy in case of third-party damage
Easily installed
Available in wide range of output capacities
Manufactured to custom lengths
Available in four configurations

Use MATCOR SPL™ anodes for: storage tank bottoms, pipelines, buried structures and concrete applications.
Graphite and iron, chromium, silicon anodes

Documentation and specifications